5126 & 5130 Vance Jackson Case Z2016102

5126 & 5130 Vance Jackson Case Z2016102

Notice of a Zoning Commission Public Hearing Regarding Case Z2016102

Date and Time: TUESDAY, March 15, 2016 – 1:00 PM (may be considered after this time)

Lot 13 and P-102, NCB 11641; 5126 and 5130 Vance Jackson; located on the

East side of Vance Jackson between Algerita and Callaghan Road.

FROM “MF-33” Multi-Family Residential District and “R-5” Single-Family

Residential District

TO “PUD R-5” Planned Unit Development Single-Family Residential District with a

five (5) foot perimeter setback line

Heard and passed by the Zoning Commission on 3/15/16

The property is about 10.5 acres on Vance Jackson, just north of Callaghan.  Rialto Homes is seeking to rezone it to allow for a single family development.  The bulk of the property is currently zoned MF-33 (Multi-Family with up to 33 units per acre) with the existing homestead lot zoned “R-5” (Single-Family Residential). The applicant is requesting to rezone the property to “R-5 PUD” (Single Family, Planned Unit Development) to allow for eighteen (18) Single-Family homes (17 new homes plus a rehab of the existing home).  The subdivision will be gated with privately maintained streets.

Case Map

Case Map

Date:     May 5, 2016

To:          City Council of the City of San Antonio

Development Services Department, Zoning Section


From:    June Kachtik, board president

Vance Jackson Neighborhood, Inc.


Re:         Z 2016102

5100 block of Vance Jackson Road, north of Callaghan Road

Current zoning:  MF 33, R-5

Proposed zoning:  R-5 PUD


The VJNI Board met with Mr. James Griffin of Brown/Ortiz, the applicant’s representative, on February 20, 2016.  The Board voted to approve the change in zoning, much preferring the downzoning.

Our Board is aware that the population is projected to double by 2040.   And we understand that, being close to major economic generators, our neighborhoods would be well advised to accommodate some of this growth.  This is the third zoning case this year affecting Vance Jackson Road.  Each case is adding to the cumulative impact on Vance Jackson Road.  Being the president of VJNI years ago, I remember that the attitude of the neighborhoods was that Vance Jackson was just our neighborhood road and change was discouraged.  We can no longer afford that luxury and would request that the City take these changes into account with both short term and long term traffic solutions.  And we encourage all of our neighbors to advocate for and support these improvements along Vance Jackson Road to provide for better traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

Heard and passed by the City Council on May 5, 2016