5247 Vance Jackson Case Z2016095

5247 Vance Jackson Case Z2016095

Notice of a Zoning Commission Public Hearing Regarding Case Z2016095

Date and Time: TUESDAY, March 1, 2016 – 1:00 PM (may be considered after this time)


Lot 152, Block 1, NCB 16699; Located at 5247 Vance Jackson Road

FROM “R-5” Residential Single- Family District

TO “R-5 S” Residential Single-Family District with a Specific Use

Authorization for a Wireless Communications Facility within 200-feet of a Residential Structure at Colonial Hills United Methodist Church.

Artist Rendering

Artist Rendering


The Zoning Commission postponed the case on 3/1/16.

Some members of the VJNI board met with 2 members of Colonial Hills United Methodist Church and 5 neighbors opposed to the rezoning on 3/19/16.The opponents were concerned about the effect of the cell tower on the aesthetics of the neighborhood and questioned the safety of the generators and were worried about the nuisance they would cause.  The church representatives offered to consider moving the generators.  The opponents and others appeared at each hearing in opposition.

Considering the opposition and the question of whether or not it is an appropriate application of the special use permit, the VJNI board did not take a position.

The Zoning Commission postponed the case again on 4/19/16.

The case was withdrawn by the applicant on May 17, 2016.