Arts and Spiritual Museum on Callaghan Zoning Case No: Z2006245CD

Arts and Spiritual Museum on Callaghan Zoning Case No: Z2006245CD

The following case went before the Zoning Commission in October. The proposed change seemed non-threatening and our VJ Board did not oppose the submission. Hopefully, we were not naïve.
Zoning Case No: Z2006245CD

Property Location: Parcel 107, NCB 11637, 8910 Callaghan Road, Southeast side of Callaghan Road (Ferguson Map: 549 D7)
Staff Recommendation:

Applicant wants to rezone property from “R-5” to “RE” (CD- Museum) for her personal business office use and to legally allow artists and spiritual leaders to hold small classes. The subject property is currently a single-family dwelling and will remain homestead to Ms. Villastrigo and her family. The single-family dwelling is located in the center of the 4.33-acre tract. The subject property is adjacent to “R-5” Residential Single-Family District to the northeast, southwest and south. The Rural Estate (RE) district is the designation for a low-density residential use on a
lot that is a minimum of one acre. The current zoning of “R-5” permits only single-family dwellings on lots not less than 5,000 square feet. The “RE” will allow single-family development projects shall have a minimum lot size of 43,560 square feet (one acre).

The following conditions shall apply to the operation of nonresidential conditional uses permitted within any residential district, unless otherwise approved by the city council: (1) No exterior display or sign with the exception that a nameplate, not exceeding 3 square feet in area, may be permitted when attached to the front of the main structure; (2) No construction features shall be permitted which would place the structure out of character with the surrounding
neighborhood; and (3) Business or office hours of operations shall not be permitted before 7 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

The conditional zoning procedure is designed to provide for a land use within an area that is not permitted by the established zoning district but due to individual site considerations or unique development requirements would be compatible with adjacent land uses under given conditions. The granting of a conditional zoning classification shall not be for all of the uses permitted in a given district but shall be only for the conditional use (bookkeeping office,
photography studio, etc.) named in the ordinance approving the conditional zoning