Newsletter December 2015 & January 2016

Newsletter December 2015 & January 2016

From the President

A good time was had by all…

The Neighborhood Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck dinner held Nov. 12 with and at Colonies House was a great event with excellent food and door prizes. The food was tasty and everyone got a chance to meet new neighbors and win a turkey, items from sponsors and memberships to the Colonies House and VJNI. Event sponsors were Mr. Wilson Heating and Air Conditioning and Uniquely Yours Resale shop.


District 9 Senior Survey

District 9 representative Joe Krier recently completed a senior survey with the following summary of results:

  • 1,372 total responses
  • Key concerns: lack of information on available senior services and the absence of a senior center in Dist. 9
  • Of respondents: 64% live with a spouse; 30% live alone and 7% live with others.
  • Senior center attendance: 12% yes, 88% no.
  • Which district 9 services do you value: 69% unaware; 24% Other; 4% Library; 3% street maintenance
  • Most desired senior services in Dist. 9: 54% transportation options; 31% senior center; 16% other.
  • Satisfaction with Dist. 9’s senior services: 38% average; 28% satisfied; 20% dissatisfied; 9% extremely dissatisfied; 5% extremely satisfied.


Changes at SA Int’l. Airport

As of October, US Airways and American integrated. If you haven’t traveled since then and are for the holidays, here are the terminal assignments as of that time:

Terminal A – gates A15 & A17 – Non-stop flights to Charlotte, NC, Phoenix, AZ, and Philadelphia, PA.

Terminal B – gates B2, B4 & B6 – non-stop flights to DFW, Miami, Fl., Chicago, IL. and Los Angeles, CA.


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