Newsletter February & March 2016

Newsletter February & March 2016

VJNI Candidate Forum

When: February 20, 2016

Where: Colonial Hills Methodist Church – 5247 Vance Jackson

Time: 9 a.m. – Noon

Texans will have their first chance to be a part of Super Tuesday, March 1. With all the hype, voter turnout should be record setting. While most of the emphasis has been on national politics, there are important local races as well. That’s why your neighborhood association will be sponsoring a candidate forum (see President’s letter on Page 2) to give residents a chance to meet the candidates and hopefully elect the person most qualified to serve the citizens of San Antonio.

The run of show is as follows:

9 a.m.                          Welcome and new member sign-up

9:15 – 10                    State Senate Panel – Jose Menendez (D) and Trey Martinez Fischer (D)

10 a.m.– 11                 Bexar County Sheriff Panel – Susan Parmerleau, (R) Andy Lopez (D), Mike Koerner, Charles Cervantes (D), Javier Salazar (D) and Matt Ninan (D)

11 a.m. – 11:30          Bexar County Commissioners Court, Precinct 3 – Kevin Wolff (R) and Pamela Lill (R)

11 a.m. – 12 noon      Residents may visit with candidates or their aides at their individual tables.

Guidelines: each candidate will have 2 minutes to say why he or she ifsrunning for office. A moderator will ask the same questions to all candidates.

Facts for the primary: early voting runs from 2/16/2016-2/26/2016. Cody Library is an early voting site. You will need only a Photo ID. You must choose to vote in one of party primaries. There will also be 4 amendments to vote on as well as your precinct chairman, judges and county tax assessor-collector.

Sample ballots are available at For any other questions, call 335-VOTE.


Selection Process for Democratic & Republican Primaries

Texas Democrats

Texas Democrats will send 252 delegates to the national convention. Delegates will only be allocated through the primaries. The 75% will be determined by voting in congressional districts. The other 25% will be determined by the statewide vote. Now that the 252 delegates will be allocated all at once, Texas will determine more delegates on Super Tuesday than any other state.

Texas Republicans

Texas sends 155 delegates to the national convention. 108 of those delegates will be decided in Congressional districts (3 for each of the 26 districts). If a candidate gets more than half the vote in a district, he or she gets all 3 delegates. If no one gets a majority, the candidate with the most votes gets 2 delegates and the candidate with the next highest gets one. If no one gets 20% of the vote, the three candidates with the most votes each get a delegate. There are also 47 at large delegates. If more than one candidate gets 20% or more of the vote, those candidates split the delegate3s proportionally. If only 1 candidate gets 20% of the state vote, he or she splits delegates proportionally with the next highest vote getter. If no one gets 20% of the state vote, all delegates are allocated proportionally.


From the President

It’s Voting Time!

Some of the people I speak with seem to be very discouraged about voting and don’t think it makes any difference. I’m old fashioned. I still believe that when we vote, we can make government better or worse. And, our votes do make the lives of our neighbors better or worse. One of the roles of our neighborhood association is to encourage “an active and knowledgeable involvement in community affairs”.

In that spirit, we invite you to the CANDIDATES’ FORUM on Saturday, February 20, 2016. Our moderator will pose questions board members would like to ask, and we encourage you to think of questions as well. Please send them to prior to February 20. And, let us know if we can circulate your questions, with your name, through our e-newsletter and blog.

Remember, you have further opportunities to exercise your privileges and duties as a citizen. After the polls close on March 1, Republicans will meet where they vote to express their opinions about resolutions and elect delegates to their Senatorial Convention. Democrats will meet on March 12, 2016, for the same purposes.

As you know, VJNI does not endorse individual candidates nor any party, but the board is pleased to offer the opportunity for its neighbors to meet the candidates.


June Kachtik

VJNI, Board President


Vance Jackson Neighborhood, Inc. Current Board

The following list are board members current board members as of the date of this publication. The election of board members and officers took place at the 2016 First General Meeting. The directors are listed by subdivision within the VJNI boundaries and office they hold is annotated next to their name.


June Kachtik – President

Martin Treuhaft

The Summit

Matthew McCrossen – Vice President

Lucy Perez

Hidden Creek

Scott Fenn

Kathy Rhoads – Editor-in-Chief

Colonies North

Jennifer Curfman – Treasurer

Susan Muegge

Gloria Castillo

David Bonnet

Colonial Village

Ilsa Garcia

Kenneth King

Charter Oaks

Craig Bell