Newsletter June 2005

Newsletter June 2005


Ted Trakas

We have good news for Zoning case 2004289, in which Verizon Wireless sought a special use permit (SUP) for a 20-foot extension of the cell phone tower behind the Oak Ridge Baptist Church at Wurzbach and Vance Jackson, and addition of new antennas for their use.

VJ directors reach a compromise with Verizon that allows us to make landscaping design changes in the vicinity of the tower. We believe these changes will significantly reduce the visual impact of the tower. Based on the compromise, we gave our endorsement to their requested zoning change at City Council, and Council accepted the change. The cell tower should now be modified, and Verizon customers will enjoy improved reception in the surrounding neighborhoods.

We extend many thanks to Councilman Art Hall and his staff. The Councilman was an unflinching supporter of our neighborhood concerns. His resolve was instrumental in forcing the parties together. In our next newsletter, we will report what happens when one person’s art is another person’s code complaint.

Current Officers:
President – Ted Trakas (The Summit)
Vice President – Daniel Causey (Foothills)
Secretary – Norma Baird (Charter Oaks Condos)
Treasurer – Woody Halsey (Charter Oaks)

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

On June 9th, City Council passed an ordinance defining a “Bandit Sign” and allowing private individuals to remove it. Read on.

What is the right-of-way?

The City right-of-way (ROW) is property maintained by the City in which the City and the adjacent property owner share a vested property interest.

An easy way to determine if a sign is in the ROW, and NOT on private property, is that it is along a roadway and is placed between any utilities (such as poles, light standards, street signs, etc.) and the roadway.

What is a Temporary Weekend Sign?

A Temporary Weekend Sign is a small sign, less than six (6) square feet in size, that is placed on the City ROW and displays an Official City decal affixed to the front of the sign. They may be placed on the City ROW from Friday until Monday. (A federal holiday on Friday or Monday can extend this period.)

But, if a Temporary Weekend Sign is left out beyond Monday, it is in violation of City Code. Contact the Development Services Department Sign Department at 210-207-0116 or 210-207-8289 so a City inspector can investigate and document the violation for appropriate enforcement.

What is a Bandit Sign?

A Bandit Sign is any sign posted in the City ROW, less than six (6) square feet in size, that lacks an Official City decal affixed to its sign face. Such a sign is in violation of City Code.

Can I remove a Bandit Sign?

Yes. San Antonio citizens interested in assisting the City in keeping their community clean CAN remove and discard Bandit Signs from the ROW.

What if I’m not sure?

Any questions may be addressed to the Chief Sign Inspector, at (210) 207-8289.
NOTE: The source for this article was the City of San Antonio brochure “Bandit Sign Busters.”
Ted Trakas