Newsletter November 2005

Newsletter November 2005


Ted Trakas

As promised in the September newsletter, we are publishing correspondence we have received for the association. I hope you will find these informative. We invite any new messages you might have.

Now onto a practical matter. Vance Jackson Neighborhood, Inc. is a voluntary association. Mostly, our organization runs efficiently on a low budget. The association’s biggest expense item is the newsletter you are now reading. It costs us approximately $500 in postage for each issue. Our current treasury balance will last thru part of 2006, but then we will run short. I hate to make this sound like a KLRN pledge drive, but in case you have not guessed already, we need your membership dues!

November is our last issue of the newsletter for the year. As usual, we have included a membership form on the back page. One change is that we will honor membership payments for 2006 starting now, so send in your money and beat the holiday rush!

Current Officers:
President – Ted Trakas (The Summit)
Vice President – Daniel Causey (Foothills)
Secretary – Norma Baird (Charter Oaks Condos)
Treasurer – Woody Halsey (Charter Oaks)


Correspondence to the Association

In the September newsletter, we promised to publish correspondence to the association. As of mid-October, when we go to the presses, we have received the following messages and notes. Since this is the first time we are publishing these, we have included a few old items.

Ida B. (Aug 05): I have always had the best intention to let you know how much I enjoy the newsletters and fully intended to join – so my check is enclosed. Your article on sex offenders was most appreciated. I had no idea one lived within a few blocks of my house. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Marcial L. (by email in July 05): I received the VIEWS and was disappointed in the lack of substantial news. To be sure, there were plenty of advertisements and I realize that you need sponsors to print the VIEWS, however, there was very little of interest for an area as large as ours. I found out about the NISD and what a super job they doing; summer safety tips, landscaping, etc., etc., etc., but what about all the digging they’re doing in the Foothills? What exactly are “they” doing? The greenbelt along the creek behind Fallen Leaf Lane is (was) beautiful. Will they restore it after they finish, and when will they finish. I also hear the new house built on Rock Creek Run, supposedly a model home, is
selling for $225,000! Can you imagine what this is going to do to our appraised values? We just passed a tax freeze but they sure as heck can raise the appraised values. This is what I mean by substantial news. Keep us updated about these things. ANSWER: Sorry to say we kind of a mom and pop organization. To enjoy articles with high impact and content, we need volunteers to write these. As far as the digging goes, blame SAWS. They have been installing a recycled water line to serve nonresidential areas on the north side. In our September 05 View, we reported that they are saying Sayonara (“Bye”) for this project. Just have to complete some cosmetic corrections.

Lee B., River Way (Mar 05): Thank you for your work! Especially on traffic and safety.

Karen L., Pawtucket: We get the newsletter in the name of a former owner. Enjoy your news and would like to continue receiving it. ANSWER: Thanks. As far as addresses, we are limited to certain times for updating the newsletter address database.

Gail D., Rustlers Creek (by email in May 04): I just read my copy of the VJ Neighborhood newsletter. Great job! It is a very nice publication. I live in Hidden Creek, and have a concern about the appearance of the entrance to Hidden Creek off Vance Jackson at Sinsonte. I have wondered if others in the area feel the same. The sign is unattractive and tacky looking. The grass and brush and trees along Vance Jackson between Sinsonte and Colonial Hills Methodist Church are usually unkempt and overgrown. It appears that the neighbors at the entrance to Hidden Creek off Stone Haven have worked to make that entrance gorgeous. Can we create some interest in doing the same for the other entrance?
What do I need to do? ANSWER – Part 1: Our charter, as it currently is written, generally disallows working on maintenance and improvement projects. It’s not without precedence for us to help is some ways though. About 2 years ago, Reverend S, an individual well know to us, offered to head up a campaign to collect money to repair The Summit sign at Tioga and Wurzbach. He asked if the association would sanction this work, deposit funds and make disbursements. The association board agreed, but Rev. S had to stop this work due to health reasons. ANSWER – Part 2: The one exception to the charter prohibition is of course the Esplanade on VJ Road and Colonies Drive. The association committed to maintaining the property in consideration for the city putting in the wooden fence. (Also we will be making improvements to the property in the coming months, but that is another story.)
Susan B. (by email in May 04): Thank you for the opportunity to suggest topics of interest to be covered in the Vance Jackson News. I would like to suggest two regular columns. First, I believe a column devoted to issues being addressed and voted upon by the School Board would be of significant interest, as this is the single largest tax imposed upon local hone owners and residents. Given the recently passed school bond and more recent exposes in the media about the activities of local boards and board members, the Vance Jackson News could be a means of becoming better informed. For my part, I would like to see the meeting dates and agendas of our School Board published in advance, followed up by the names of each Board member and how s/he voted on each issue. I would also like to see a breakdown of how funds are budgeted (administration, facilities, dollars into the classroom, etc.) and a report on results (number of students starting, transferring out and in, and graduating). How is the money we are assessed being spent and what are the results? Do we have any debacles that rival indoor ROTC rifle ranges; $300,000 signs; paid Board vacations; and $600,000 Boardrooms? Second, I would like to see a column focusing on the City Hall, including agendas in advance, issues to be voted upon, and how our local Councilman voted on each issue. I would also suggest that Councilman Hall’s email address and phone number be printed in each column. Thank you again. ANSWER: This is an old email that VJ Views has answered in some ways. We regularly publish the Councilman’s contact information and we have included a number of articles contributed by Katie Reed, Northside ISD Board
of Trustees.

Frank & Betty G. (by email in Apr 04): I just wanted you and the board to know how much I enjoyed the Vance Jackson Views newsletter. It not only looks great, it has all kinds of good info in it. I really look forward to the next issue.