Newsletter October-November 2015

Newsletter October-November 2015

From the President

We’ll Bring the Turkey – You Bring the ‘Trimmings’

The VJNI Board invites you to a Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck Thursday, November 12, 2015, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m., at the Colonies House, 3511 Colony Drive. We’ll furnish the turkey – you bring your family and the trimmings. Invite your neighbors to do the same. This will be an opportunity to get to know each other.

We’ll also spend a couple of minutes previewing SA Tomorrow – the City’s efforts to comprehensively plan for the huge increase in population that is occurring in the area over the next two and half decades. A city of 1.4 million today will be 2.4 million by 2040 – more if the City annexes outlying areas of Bexar County that are populating at an even faster pace. The county population, which now stands at 1.8 million, will likely reach 3 million. Let’s talk about the impact on our neighborhood.

What is ?It is a document that guides strategic decision-making and community investments. The Comprehensive Plan goals and policies will be adopted by the City and will provide a framework for future decisions. The Plan will include an implementation strategy with specific phasing and action items.

I’d like to thank Colonies House for making their facilities available for this event. We couldn’t all fit into your kitchen and dining room, so this is the next best thing.

I look forward to sharing a meal with you,

VJNI Board President



Go to the website of your council representative (, either Ron Nirenberg in District 8 or Joe Krier in District 9. You can sign up for their newsletters and you can also be sent notices of neighborhood meetings.

Another source of information is the monthly meeting of Northside Neighborhoods Organized for Development – meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at the Hardberger Park Ecology Center of 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. (except in July). To contact:


From Lyle Larson – State House District 122

Information on the Upcoming Texas Constitutional Amendment Election

Unlike the US Constitution, the Texas Constitution is amended often and relatively easily. Proposed constitutional amendments are introduced during the legislative session, which occurs only in odd-numbered years. If approved by two-thirds of each chamber, the proposal must then be approved by voters, usually during the uniform election in November of that year.

Since the Constitution was adopted in 1876, Texas voters have approved 484 amendments to the lengthy document. This year, seven proposed amendments will be on the ballot for consideration of voters at the general election Tuesday, November 3, 2015. Early voting takes place October 19- 30.


Did you know?

  •  SA is the most widely visited of all cities in Texas
  •  SA per 2014Forbes Magazine – The best city in the Southwest for adults for its dynamic economy, employment opportunities and affordable living.
  •  SA has AAA Bond Rating and is the only major city with a population of more than 1 million to have this high rating.
  •  2014 Forbes List of America’s coolest cities – ranking 15 out of the 60 largest metropolitan areas
  • 2014 Bicycle Magazine – one of America’s best bike cities
  • 2014 MSN Money – SA is one of the 6th most affordable and fastest growing cities, ranking 7th largest city in the nation.

Join Today!

Want to meet your neighbors, have more clout as a neighborhood at City Hall, know the latest information from around the city, find out what’s going in San Antonio and at the various schools in our area?

The Vance Jackson Neighborhood Inc. is going strong with a new board, new newsletter and new set of objectives. Please join us in making this association the best in the city.

We promise it will be as informative and fun as possible. Already the VJNI has hosted a candidate’s forum for the past mayoral election as well as worked with the Colonies House for the National Night Out.

The newsletter will be published every other month with the help of Neighborhood News, headquartered within the borders of VJNI so you will receive information throughout the next year.

And, for businesses and rental property owners, please visit our website to get specific information for joining the association.

Remember, we are stronger in numbers if you join now.


Citywide Event Calendar


October 16-18: SA Missions World Heritage inscription. Activities include a laser show at Concepcion and Archaeology Day and concert at San Jose. Ceremony will be held the morning of the 17th. Visit for more info.

November 27: Ford Holiday River Parade & Lighting Ceremony

December 5-6: Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & ½ marathon

January 2: Alamo Bowl

January 9: U.S. Army All-American Bowl

February 11-28: Stock Show & Rodeo

March 14-18-16: Northside School System Spring Break

April 14-24-16: Fiesta – 125th Anniversary














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