Newsletter September 2005

Newsletter September 2005


Ted Trakas

In 1998 a fair number of us participated with City planning personnel in setting goals for the neighborhood.

We identified Goals in three areas: Traffic, Safety and Land Use Development. We also identified (general) Strategies and (specific) Defined Strategies. The result was the “VJ Neighborhood Goals Report”, which we have reproduced in this newsletter. So how have we – residents, the Association and the City – done in reaching these goals? Lets see.

To mention a few items on the positive side, there are more speed humps on streets in the area. Some school zones are marked with solar-powered flashing signs. The VJ Esplanade is the strip of land on VJ near Colonies road. The City helps us with normal maintenance; the Association began annual tree trimming two years ago and planted Mountain Laurels this year.

On the negative side, the proposal to add trails to Union-Pacific property ended with City and Association concerns for legal liabilities. Deals for conversion of the Vulcan Quarry to a park lake fell through.

On a mixed basis, the City bought residential properties in the Dreamland flood plain but has not made recreational upgrades to the properties.

Overall I think we’ve batted 500, but what do you think? Please write us at our address on the back page. We will be glad to reprint your ideas – expletives deleted – in upcoming newsletters. Better still, let us know if you would like to volunteer to help up put more items into the positive column.

Current Officers:
President – Ted Trakas (The Summit)
Vice President – Daniel Causey (Foothills)
Secretary – Norma Baird (Charter Oaks Condos)
Treasurer – Woody Halsey (Charter Oaks)




  1. Traffic
    • To live in a community where cars and people can circulate freely and safely.
    • To minimize traffic in the neighborhood
    • To build more sidewalks and curb
    • To participate in the planning of local roadway improvements.
  2. Safety
    • To live in a safe community for children and adults.
  3. Land Use Development
    • To live in a community that is not noisy and has more open space and recreational facilities for children and adults.


  1. Traffic
    • To participate in the development of any plan to improve the Vance Jackson neighborhood by inclusion of landscaping, sidewalks and bike lanes.
    • To work with traffic engineers to address traffic issues in the neighborhood.
  2. Safety
    • To promote a good working relationship with the Police Department.
    • To correct and prevent drainage problems in the neighborhood.
  3. Land Use Development
    • To work with the Parks and Recreation Department to ensure specific sites in the Vance Jackson neighborhood are included in the Parks Master Plan.
    • To work with developers and planners to provide compatible densities.


  1. Traffic
    • Discourage thru traffic along Tioga, Colony, Sugarhill, Big Meadow, Ramsgate, and Stonehaven and throughout the area where speed is a problem, by such measures as the addition of speed humps and speed limit signs.
    • Request increased police patrols to control traffic speeding along IH-10 frontage road. Request TxDot to review design changes and other options allowing easier and safer access to IH-10 frontage road.
    • Request a city study of access improvement to and from Vance Jackson from feeder roads, such as Sunburst, Shenandale, Whitsom and Orsinger. (Good examples are the entrances to King Grant and the intersection at Big Meadow.)
  2. Safety
    • To provide “Chevrons” (or other appropriate markings) on the roadway within all school zones.
  3. Land Use Development
    • Support appropriate development of the Southern Pacific right-of-way for recreational purposes.
    • Convert flood plain and drainage areas into recreational use and open space.

Prepared by the Vance Jackson Neighborhood and the City of San Antonio Planning Department. Issued December 1998. (Transcribed August 2005 with minor grammatical corrections.)