September 2009

September 2009

President’s Message

Ted Trakas

Just a few items to mention.
We requested code compliance corrections at the Hair Salon (signage) on VJ at Orsinger, and the Outdoor Art Gallery (signage, temporary structures and equipment) on VJ near Cody.

The board found no problem with a proposed Art and Spiritual Museum on Callaghan. (See article.)

We contracted tree and fence maintenance on the Esplanade. (Again, please see article.)

As always, if you want to make a contribution of time or talent through the organization, please contact us.

Current Officers:
President – Ted Trakas (The Summit)
Vice President – Daniel Causey (Foothills)
Secretary – Norma Baird (Charter Oaks Condos)
Treasurer – Woody Halsey (Charter Oaks)