Zoning Case #Z2007276) 4118 Honeycomb Drive

Zoning Case #Z2007276) 4118 Honeycomb Drive

4118 Honeycomb Drive

(Zoning Case #Z2007276)

Current Zoning – “R-6” Single-Family Residential District Proposed- “0-1” Office District
Applicant – Chris Pettit
Representative – Habib Erkan
Neighborhood – Sunburst Condo and VJ Neighborhood Association Issues – See below

Notes- Staff and Zoning Commission recommend denial; staff did state that Conditional Use would be more appropriate for this location.

The following conditions were requested from Sunburst and VJ Associations:
1. They requested a retaining wall that would improve water flow to the Sunburst condo.
2. They also requested that the zoning be contigent on the installation of the retaining wall. Should the wall not be installed and the conditions below not be met by the property owner, the zoning would revert back to “R-6” Single-Family Residential District

The following conditions are required for all conditional uses in residential districts to help insure compatibility with surrounding properties:
1. There shall be no exterior display or sign with the exception that a nameplate, not exceeding three (3) square feet in area, may be permitted when attached to the the front of the main structure,
2. No construction features shall be permitted which would place the structure out of character with the surrounding neighborhood, and
3. Business or office hours of operations shall not be permitted before 7:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. Additionally, staff recommends the following 4th condition:
4. No additional parking shall be allowed in the front of the house other than what the existing driveway accommodates.

Notes: This case was previously heard in 2004, Zoning Commission voted yes for the Conditional Use and City Council voted against the case.

[Prez Message: In the interest of time, I have plagiarized the staff summary sheet that was prepared for City Council for this case. City Council approved the zoning application, with the conditions stated above, on February 7, 2008 with VJ and Sunburst support. Our thanks to CW Cibrian in negotiating this
agreement. I hope you share our view that Mr. Pettit maintains his properties very well so that this is a good deal for him and his neighbors.]