Zoning Case Z2008225: Huebner Sandstone

Zoning Case Z2008225: Huebner Sandstone


14 August 2008
City of San Antonio
Development Services Department
1901 S Alamo
San Antonio, Texas

Reference Zoning Case: Z2008225

Dear Sir or Madam,

The purpose of this letter is to protest the rezoning of Lots 1, 2, 4, 5, and part of Lot 3 NCB 14713 Block 3: 121001, 121002, 121003 on Huebner Road from O-2 to C2, and 4231 and 4227 Sandstone Drive from R-6 to C-1.

The residents in the Woodland Manor neighborhood oppose this rezoning as indicated by the number of signatures on this petition. As residents, property tax payers and citizens, we request you OPPOSE the request to rezone and protect our rights. Our homes and residential neighborhood are at risk. Should this rezoning not be denied, the lives of the home owners in our neighborhood will be adversely changed and negatively impacted.

NOT ONE RESIDENT in the neighborhood supports the rezoning of this property, this is significantly more than the 20% required for a formal protest against this rezoning application.

If not denied, the rezoning would benefit the landowner, who does not live in this area, at the expense of the residents who do live in the area. The landowner merely plans to sell the property, and can get a significantly higher price, if the property is rezoned. The residents who have homes and lives established in this area, want their neighborhood protected from someone merely trying to profit from what would be the destruction of our quiet residential neighborhood.

This rezoning would have a significantly negative impact on the lives of the residents. It would change the character of our quiet residential neighborhood. It would increase traffic, crime, noise and pollution. It would decrease the natural beauty of our neighborhood, and would reduce our property values. It would commercialize our residential neighborhood, and would diminish the quality of life we currently enjoy.

In accordance with the Unified Development Code of San Antonio (UDC), Ord. No. 2007-04-12-0409, enacted April 12, 2007, we request that the rezoning request be REJECTED for the following reasons:

  • The zoning change will substantially and permanently injure the property rights of the adjacent property owners affected by the proposed change in zoning.
  • Consistency – The city’s zoning map shall be respected and not altered for the special benefit of the landowner when the change will cause adverse impacts on neighboring lands.RESIDENTS’ PETITION – OPPOSITION CASE: Z2008225 Page 2
  • Adverse Impacts on Neighboring Lands – Lots shall not be rezoned in a way that is substantially inconsistent with the uses of the surrounding area.

Changing the zoning to allow the landowner to sell the property at a significantly higher price would give a special benefit to the landowner, while depreciating the property of the homeowners in the area.

Request the city maintain the continuity of zoning for this property and keep it consistent with other neighboring properties. There are twenty-one (22) properties included in the 200 foot notification buffer. Of these, fifteen (15) are zoned R-6, three (3) are zoned O-2, three (3) are zoned O-1, and only one (1) is zoned commercial. Should this request not be DENIED, then this C-2 zoned property will directly abut against 8 residential (R-6) properties with no O-2 buffer. Of the six (6) office properties in the notification buffer, all of these properties are located along Huebner Road. The Lots located on Huebner, are currently zoned O-2 and are a buffer for the residents in the Woodland Manor neighborhood. Rezoning these properties to C-2 or any other
commercial zoning, destroys this buffer, and puts commercial property right next to residential homes.

If this rezoning is not denied, our properties will depreciate in value. Once zoned C-2, there is nothing to prevent this property from being used for any type of commercial
usage allowed under C-2 zoning. This will substantially and permanently injure the property rights of the adjacent property owners affected by the proposed change in zoning.

For instance, unless DENIED, this property could be used for a variety of commercial usage including food service, liquor stores, bars, auto repair shops, auto alarm and radio
installation shops, whereas O-2 zoning does not allow this usage. The homeowners in this area do not want these types of establishments adjacent to their homes, their families and their children and grandchildren.

These types of commercial businesses generate bio-environmental waste, which causes sanitation issues, which jeopardizes the health, safety and welfare of all the neighborhood residents. Allowing this to change to C-2 zoning would transform our quiet, clean neighborhood into an unsanitary commercial area, making it an undesirable and a less safe place for our families to live. Zoning is designed to protect residents from having these types of establishments developed right next to our homes.

Properties zoned C-2 ordinarily includes ‘service drives’ or alleys behind the property for waste and refuse. These would immediately abut eight (8) residential home-sites. The presence of alley dumpsters causes unhealthy, unsanitary and foul-smelling environments for our families. These dumpsters attract rodents, cockroaches and other pests. Also, the servicing of these dumpsters causes excessive noise pollution. Please note: one of the main complaints in District 8 in San Antonio is for “Alley Violations”, indicating a lack of enforcement of proper waste management and sanitation. These conditions would have a detrimental effect on the quality of life in our residential environment.


Additionally, if not DENIED, C-2 zoning will increase the number of irregular clientele and transients who would frequent the properties adjacent to our homes. There is significantly more crime in areas zoned C-2 than O-2. C-2 zoning means a higher concentration of irregular clientele and transients in and around our neighborhood and properties. Whereas, property zoned as Office (O) tends to have businesses that provide professional services, with regular clientele and professional employees. The customerbase and employee-base for C-2 zoning is more irregular and transient in nature than for business in O-2 zoning.

Tenants of C-2- zoned property could potentially operate all hours of the day and night, significantly increasing traffic and noise in our neighborhood during those hours that are ordinarily quiet. Conversely, O-2 zoning attracts established professional businesses with a stable customer-base. Properties zoned as O-2 operate during normal business hours of 8am to 6pm. The current O-2 zoning protects our neighborhood from these negative impacts which result from the higher intensification of commercial property in the area.

We oppose the commercial establishments allowed under C-2 directly abutting our homes. We want the request to rezone this property to be DENIED. C-2 zoning increases noise, waste, irregulars and transients, traffic, hours of operation, and causes unsanitary conditions and increases in crime. We do not want the potential negative impacts that these C-2 zoning would allow next to our homes. Zoning restrictions are designed to keep this impact away from residential home areas, therefore this request should be denied.

All the residents oppose the rezoning of the Residential lots on Sandstone to Office (O-2). Both lots are currently zoned R-6, for single-family residences, and are located amidst a neighborhood of well-established single-family homes that are heavily treed and full of lush vegetation. Deer roam freely through our neighborhood. This proposed rezoning action encroaches directly into the heart of our neighborhood of single-family homes. Unless DENIED, this rezoning would adversely alter the character of our neighborhood, by allowing two (2) residential lots to be changed into a large parking lot or some other use allowable usage under O-2 zoning. The neighbors abutting this property do not want to look outside their front doors or windows and see a large parking
lot or other such usage allowed by O-2, they want to see the quiet residential neighborhood they chose to move to, and currently live in.

The home owners directly abutting the property in question moved to this area from the country, specifically for the natural beauty and lush green foliage in our quiet neighborhood. Unless DENIED this rezoning would negatively change the character of our neighborhood. We oppose any O-2 usage and large parking lots abutting our homes. We do not want kids hanging out in large parking lots, drinking, skateboarding or getting into other mischief right next to our homes and properties.

C-2 zoning means a higher volume of traffic than does O-2 zoning. Sandstone is a narrow residential street with no sidewalks. Sandstone is certainly not designed for the increase in the volume of traffic O-2 and C-2 zoning would bring. Young children.


frequently bicycle and play along Sandstone. An increase in traffic will increase the danger for these children. Finally, an entrance/exit on Sandstone would be directly across from a neighborhood resident’s home, causing great concern because of the increase in traffic, and the danger to his children. Sandstone, a residential road is in a serious state of disrepair, substandard at best, and this increase in traffic will cause further deterioration.

We respectfully request that the City of San Antonio Planning Commission and the San Antonio City Council protect our rights as citizens, residents, property-owners, and taxpayers and DENY the request to rezone this property from O-2 to C-2 and from R-6 to O-2. The current landowner, who does not live in this neighborhood, is only trying to increase the profit he can make if this property is rezoned. If allowed, this would longterm negative impact son the residents who live in this neighborhood.


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